The difference between negative feedback self-oscillating oscillation and sine wave generating circuit

Negative feedback self-excited oscillation is due to an additional 180-degree additional phase shift generated by an unknown frequency signal in the feedback loop. The negative feedback circuit becomes positive feedback for this frequency signal. At the same time, for this frequency signal The loop gain is greater than 1. In this case, the negative feedback circuit is self-excited (for other frequency signals, this circuit is still negative feedback). The sine wave oscillating circuit is a positive feedback that people intentionally introduce. It can be said that it is positive feedback for countless frequency signals. In this case, there is no need for additional phase shift in the loop. However, there are too many such signals, so people It is necessary to design a frequency selection circuit in the feedback loop to select a certain frequency signal. Of course, for the selected signal, the frequency selection circuit does not need additional phase shift.

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