Precautions for the installation environment of CNC machine tools

1. Requirements for working environment

In order to maintain a stable machining accuracy of CNC machine tools, the working environment must meet the following conditions:

(1) Stable machine tool foundation, when making the machine tool foundation, the surface of the foundation must be leveled and smoothed. If the foundation surface is uneven, it will add unnecessary trouble when adjusting the machine tool. Make the foundation of the machine tool and bury various pipelines in advance.

(2) Suitable ambient temperature is generally 10~30°C.

(3) Air circulation, no dust, no oil mist and metal powder.

(4) Suitable humidity, not wet.

(5) The power grid meets the requirements of the total capacity required for the normal operation of the CNC machine tool, and the voltage fluctuation range is 85~110%.

(6) Good grounding, the grounding resistance is less than 4~7Ω.

(7) Anti-interference, keep away from strong electromagnetic interference such as welding machines, large cranes, high-frequency equipment, etc.

(8) Keep away from vibration sources. When the high-precision CNC machine tool is used as the foundation, there must be an anti-vibration groove, and the anti-vibration groove must be filled with sand or furnace ash.

2. Matters needing attention when the CNC machine tool is in place

According to the process layout diagram, select the installation position of the machine tool in the workshop, and then carry out the actual laying-out work on site according to the basic drawing and outline drawing of the machine tool provided by the machine tool manufacturer at a ratio of 1:1, and draw the machine tool foundation and outline on the workshop floor Profile. Check whether there is interference between the machine tool and peripheral equipment, walkways, facilities, etc., and pay attention to the travel limit of the crane. If there is interference, the machine tool needs to be moved and then re-rolled until there is no interference.

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