What should I do if the Siemens 802D CNC system fails to enter the system?

After turning on the machine tool, if the display shows the following situation, you cannot enter:
SIEMNSIK 802D-BL V01.01.03

It will not move at this point, press SELECT key, but can only enter this screen, there are only three screens of NORMAL state, SOFTWARE state and plc STOP, which cannot be entered by starting with NORMAL. What exactly happened?
Answer: The reason is that the NC system of 802D has encountered a serious internal error, as shown below:

This fault is generally resolved as follows:
1. Power off the control system PCU and power it on again, test the machine, it may need to be powered on repeatedly,
2. Set the system authority to a higher level such as SUNRISE, and try again machine,
3. Call the Siemens hotline for technical consultation, 4008104288,
4. If the above methods still do not solve the problem, perform 802D NC software initialization update, as shown below:
5.1 Use standard machine data for CNC Boot the NC and restart it. Note: In order to prevent data loss, it is recommended that the host must save the internal data in advance. The method is as follows:
Use the expand key to expand the menu under the diagnosis/debugging menu, and then press the data storage hotkey. for internal data storage.
Or enter the system “SYSTEM” menu; select the “data input/output” soft menu key, then move the cursor to: “test data NC card”, select “read” on the vertical soft menu key, that is, data backup to the PC card. Then even if the data in the backup memory RAM is lost, the system returns to the initial state, as long as the system is restarted, press the SELECT key according to the requirements of the screen text output. If “Reload saved user data” is selected, the user data (machine data, programs, etc.) saved on the flash memory card of the control are loaded as current data and used for booting. Then the protection data in the permanent storage FLASH will be automatically loaded into the RAM.
5.2 If the fault is still not eliminated, the host can use the toolbox initialization file Setup_.Mill that comes with you to install and initialize the system, reorganize the data structure of the system, organize the memory, and then load the parameters and PLC program to test the machine ,
5.3. If it still doesn’t work, there is a problem with the hardware of the 802D system, please replace the hardware-802D pcu. If it is not under warranty, return it to the factory for repair.
There is also an upgrade to 802D, you’d better apply for service from Siemens. Hotline 4008104288

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