Precautions for Troubleshooting of CNC Machining Center

As China has become a big country in CNC machining, the technical requirements for machining centers are getting higher and higher, and the machining centers are not as unfamiliar as they used to be in the early days of imported processing. If something goes wrong, not only need to spend money to invite experts to come to maintain it, but also delay Production. Now there will be some technical support for the cnc machining center. Our Yadema Machinery Technology has also released a lot of information about the machining center and spark machine on the website. Let us introduce you what should be done when the CNC machining center fails. A few points to note and how to solve them.
Positive and negative hard limit alarms of the machining center will not occur under normal circumstances. This alarm may occur when operating the machine tool before returning to zero, because the system does not have a fixed mechanical coordinate system before returning to zero, but it is positioned at will, and the soft limit The bit is invalid, so the zero point must be returned before operating the machine tool. Reason:
1. The limit switch contact is pressed and stuck (over-travel).
2. The limit switch is damaged.
3. The limit switch circuit has an open circuit, short circuit and no signal source.
4. The limit block cannot press the switch contact to the action position.
5. The PLC input point is burnt out.
So if we encounter these problems in the process of using the machining center, how should we solve them?
1. Shake the hand or handwheel away from the safe position, or clean the switch contacts.
2. Replace the travel switch.
3. Check whether there is a short circuit in the travel switch circuit. Check the signal source (+24V DC power supply).
4. Adjust the installation position of the travel switch so that it can be pressed normally to the action position.
5. Replace the input point on the I/O board and Do a good job of parameter setting and modify the PLC program.

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