Daily maintenance and maintenance of CNC machining center

The daily maintenance and maintenance of CNC machining centers are generally carried out by operators. Therefore, the operator of the machining center should understand the basic structure and basic principles of the equipment used. For example, the position of each part such as mechanical transmission device, numerical control device, hydraulic and pneumatic device, electrical box and the specified use environment, and use the machine tool correctly and reasonably in strict accordance with the instruction manual of the machine tool. The operator should be familiar with the specifications of the machine tool used, such as the power of the spindle drive motor, the range of the spindle speed, the feed rate, the stroke range of the machine tool, and the load capacity of the table. The maximum tool size and maximum tool quality allowed by ATC, etc., also need to know the position of each oil mark and what brand of lubricating oil to use.
Before operating the CNC machine tool, it is necessary to confirm whether the lubricating oil standard of the spindle, guide rail and other parts meets the requirements, and whether the air pressure meets the requirements. The CNC machining center can start the machine tool after meeting the requirements, and make the machine tool run dry for more than 15 minutes to check whether the machine tool is abnormal.
Keep the environment around the machine tool clean, and the air filter should be dedusted regularly to prevent the cooling air passage from being blocked, causing the temperature in the CNC cabinet to be too high and the CNC system to fail to work normally. The circuit boards and electrical components in the electrical cabinet should also be regularly dusted to ensure the normal operation of the electrical system.

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