Maintenance and maintenance of punch feeder

First. Operation safety
1. Two people cannot operate a machine at the same time, otherwise it will cause the machine to start suddenly and cause damage to the operator!
2. The operator must press the emergency stop button during the manual feeding process, especially when the hand reaches into the mold to assist feeding, so as to avoid serious consequences.
3. When setting up the formwork, wait for the flywheel to stop completely before proceeding.
Second. Maintenance
1. Always keep the center column and slider guide column clean, and protect the bottom plate of the mold from dirt when setting up the mold, so as to ensure the cleanliness of the platform and avoid grass scratches.
2. When the new machine is used for one month, butter (including the feeder) is added to the flywheel. If there is no oil for a long time, the internal wear of the flywheel will affect the performance of the machine tool.
3. Replacement of machine cycle oil: The new machine should be replaced once a month, and then every six months. Ensure the normal operation and precision of the machine tool.
Third, regular inspection (preferably daily inspection)
1. Whether the oil in the fuel tank is sufficient and whether the oil is clean.
2. Whether there is oil in the three-point combination automatic injector. (upper and lower limits)
3. Is it enough to increase the amount of oil in the pump? (more than half of the fuel tank)
4. Whether there is oil leakage or air leakage.
5. Whether the air storage tank has drainage.
6. Is there any abnormal noise on the machine?
7. Keep the inside of the electric control box clean and well ventilated.
Fourth, matters needing attention when setting up the formwork
1. Do not exceed the mold height range of the punching machine, otherwise the punching machine will be damaged.
2. The mold cannot be killed, and there must be a gap of 0.02~0.04mm.
3. After the mold is set up, shake the flywheel by hand to see if it can pass the mold.
4. If manual operation is used, the manual valve must be released at the end, otherwise the stamping will start as soon as the main engine of the machine tool is started, which will cause damage to the operator and the mold.
Fifth. Connection between punching machine and peripheral
1. The sockets of the body and the electric control box cannot be connected to excessive loads, otherwise the internal components of the machine tool will be damaged.
2. The connecting line marked with scissor function on the side wall of the fuselage, when the scissor switch is turned on, there is a voltage of 220V. Therefore, special attention should be paid when using the scissors function.
3. It is best not to control the power cord of the feeder and the receiving rack through the air switch and other internal switches of the punching machine, otherwise there is a danger of overload and cause serious consequences.

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