Canadians tend to forget their Apple ID password the most often

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Internet users in Canada appear to forget the passwords for their Apple ID, Facebook, and Gmail accounts the most often, with Apple products coming out top. This is according to the latest review of app use habits, as undertaken by NordPass.

By analysing user search behaviour online, the company investigated which passwords people worldwide are likely to forget the most and how this trend differs among eight analysed countries.

Having looked at different categories of services, the assessors concluded that passwords for social media platforms (31.5 percent), email service providers (24.4 percent), and single sign-on (SSO) websites (that is, Google and Microsoft) have people scratching their heads the most often.

The list of 10 online services and the passwords to which Canadians forget most frequently is:

1. Apple ID

2. Facebook

3. Gmail

4. Instagram

5. Outlook

6. iPhone

7. Sony PlayStation

8. Spotify

9. macOS

10. Windows

To gather the information, NordPass collected keywords associated with password resetting and determined how often users searched for such information on Google monthly. To quantify the popularity of the keywords, researchers used Ahrefs data. Then, NordPass ranked the most commonly forgotten passwords based on the number of users and the total volume of searches for each service. All the data on the number of users has been collected from publicly available sources such as, and other official websites.

Do results differ amongst countries?

Both in Canada and other English-speaking countries, such as the U.S., Australia, and the U.K., Apple ID tops the lists of the most forgotten passwords. However, among the countries in the European Union, Gmail and Windows passwords are the most forgettable.

Globally, credentials for various Google accounts, including YouTube and Gmail, rank highest among the most forgotten passwords. Apple ID and Yahoo account passwords are also difficult to remember for Internet users.

Tomas Smalakys, chief technology officer (CTO) at NordPass, explains that these data prove that people are not just resetting passwords for services they rarely use. On the contrary — the globally popular services used daily by many Internet users top the list.

Smalakys  says: “There are several reasons to explain this trend. First, many progressive global service providers allow single sign-on (SSO) login which successfully limits the number of passwords internet users should remember. Second, many of us rarely log out of the applications or websites that we use casually.”

People also often forget their gaming accounts’ passwords. Passwords for games, gaming consoles, gaming publishers, and entertainment websites and applications make up 13.9 percent of all forgotten passwords.

Canadians tend to forget their Apple ID password the most often

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