The most complete Android Kotlin introductory tutorial (Kotlin introductory guide, advanced Kotlin enhanced combat, Kotlin coroutine advanced combat)

Kotlin is a new statically typed programming language used by more than 60% of professional Android developers, which can help improve productivity, developer satisfaction and code security. Not only can it reduce common coding errors, but it can also be easily integrated into existing applications.

Currently in Android development, when you look at the source code, you will find a lot of Kotlin source code. When using some jetpack frameworks, most of them are Kotlin language. I believe that Kotlin will become the language of choice for Android development in the near future.

In order to make it easier for everyone to learn Kotlin systematically, here we specially collaborated with Ali P7 architects and Google technical team to organize a Kotlin family bucket learning materials (click the card at the end of the article to get it for free~) .

Summary of content: Kotlin introductory tutorial guide, advanced Kotlin enhanced practice, and the most detailed Android version of kotlin coroutine entry advanced practice in history.
Content features: clear organization, including graphic representation, which is easier to understand.

“Kotlin Getting Started Tutorial Guide”

firstChapter Kotlin Getting Started Tutorial Guide

  • Foreword

Chapter 2 Overview

  • Using Kotlin for Server-Side Development
  • Using Kotlin for Android Development
  • Kotlin JavaScript Overview
  • Kotlin/Native for Native Development
  • li>

  • Coroutines for asynchronous programming and other scenarios
  • New features of Kotlin 1.1
  • New features of Kotlin 1.2
  • New features of Kotlin 1.3

The third chapter begins

  • Basic Grammar
  • Idioms
  • Coding Standards

Chapter 4 Basics

  • Basic types
  • package
  • Control flow: if, when, for, while
  • Return and jump

Chapter 5 Classes and Objects

  • Classes and Inheritance
  • Properties and Fields
  • Interfaces
  • Visibility Modifiers
  • Extensions
  • Data class
  • Sealed class
  • Generic
  • Nested class and inner class
  • Enumeration Classes
  • Object Expressions and Object Declarations
  • Inline classes
  • Delegate

Chapter 6 Functions and Lambda Expressions

  • Functions
  • Higher-order functions and lambda expressions
  • Inline functions

Chapter Seven Miscellaneous

  • Destructuring declaration
  • Collections: List, Set, Map
  • Interval
  • Type checking and conversion “is” and “as”
  • This Expression
  • Equality
  • Operator Overloading
  • Null Safety
  • Exception
  • Annotations
  • Reflection
  • Type-safe builders
  • Type aliases
  • Multi-platform programming
  • Key Words and operators

Chapter 8 Java Interoperability and JavaScript

  • Calling Java Code in Kotlin
  • Calling Kotlin in Java
  • JavaScript Dynamic Type
  • Calling JavaScript in Kotlin
  • Calling Kotlin in JavaScript
  • JavaScript Module
  • JavaScript Reflection
  • JavaScript DCE

Chapter 9 Coroutine

  • Coroutine basics
  • Cancellation and timeout
  • Channel (experimental)
  • Combination suspend function
  • Coroutine context and scheduler
  • Exception handling
  • select expressions (experimental)
  • Shared mutable state and concurrency

Chapter 10 Tools

  • Writing Kotlin code documentation
  • Kotlin annotation processing
  • Using Gradle
  • Using Maven
  • Using Ant
  • Kotlin and OSGi
  • Compiler plugin
  • Stability of different components

Chapter 11 Summary of Frequently Asked Questions

  • FAQ
  • Comparison with Java language
  • Comparison with Scala [officially deleted]

Advanced Kotlin Strengthening Practice

Chapter 1 Introduction to Kotlin

  • Kotlin overview
  • Comparison between Kotlin and Java
  • Use Android Studio
  • Know the basic types of Kotlin
  • Into Kotlin’s array
  • Into the Kotlin collection
  • Complete code
  • Basic syntax

Chapter 2 Kotlin Practical Pit Avoidance Guide

  • The input parameters of the method are constants and cannot be modified
  • No Companion, INSTANCE?
  • Java overloading, how to make a clever transition in Kotlin?
  • Kotlin’s empty-judgment posture
  • Kotlin overwrites the method in the Java parent class
  • Kotlin becomes “ruthless”, even TODO is not let go!
  • The pit in is, as`
  • The understanding of Property in Kotlin
  • also keyword
  • takeIf keyword
  • Singleton modelThe way of writing

Chapter 3 Project Combat “Kotlin Jetpack Combat”

  • Starting from a Demo that worships a great god
  • What is the experience of writing Gradle scripts in Kotlin?
  • The Triple Realm of Kotlin Programming
  • Kotlin Higher-Order Function
  • Kotlin Generics
  • Kotlin Extension
  • Kotlin Delegate
  • Coroutine “unknown” debugging skills
  • Graphic coroutine: suspend

The most detailed Android version of kotlin coroutines in history and advanced practice

Chapter 1 Introduction to the Basics of Kotlin Coroutines

  • What is a coroutine
  • What is Job, Deferred, coroutine scope
  • Basic usage of Kotlin coroutine

Chapter 2 Preliminary Explanation of Key Knowledge Points of Kotlin Coroutine

  • Coroutine Scheduler
  • Coroutine Context
  • Coroutine Start Mode
  • Coroutine Scope
  • Hanging Function

Chapter 3 Exception Handling of Kotlin Coroutine

  • Coroutine exception generation process
  • Coroutine exception handling

Chapter 4 Basic Application of Kotlin Coroutine in Android

  • Android uses kotlin coroutines
  • Use coroutines in Activity and Framgent
  • Use coroutines in ViewModel
  • Use coroutines in other environments Cheng

Chapter Five Network Request Encapsulation of Kotlin Coroutine

  • Common environments for coroutines
  • Encapsulation and use of coroutines under network requests
  • Higher-order function methods
  • Multi-state function returns Value method

Chapter 6 In-depth kotlin coroutine principle (1)

  • Suspend’s Huahuachangzi
  • Hiding behind -Continuation
  • The hope of the village-SuspendLambda

Chapter 7 In-depth kotlin coroutine principle (2)

  • Those little secrets of the coroutine
  • The creation process of the coroutine
  • Suspension and recovery of the coroutine
  • The execution and execution of the coroutine State machine

Chapter 8 Kotlin Jetpack in Action

  • Starting from a Demo that worships a great god
  • What is the experience of writing Gradle scripts in Kotlin?
  • The Triple Realm of Kotlin Programming
  • Kotlin Higher-Order Function
  • Kotlin Generics
  • Kotlin Extension
  • Kotlin Commission
  • Coroutine “unknown” debugging skills
  • Illustrating the principle of coroutine

Chapter 9 Kotlin + Coroutine + Retrofit + MVVM Elegantly Implementing Network Request

  • Project configuration
  • Implementation ideas
  • Coroutine implementation
  • Coroutine + ViewModel + LiveData implementation
  • Follow-up optimization
  • Exception handling
  • Update Retrofit 2.6.0

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