tensorflow1.1.0 installation

The following operations are all done in the anaconda prompt.

1. Since the most suitable version of tensorflow is python3.5, the 3.6 that comes with Anaconda cannot be used. Here we need to download the 3.5 version of Python. Type in the terminal

conda create - -name tensorflow python=3.5.2

The version 3.5.2 is used here, and you can choose it at will (tensorflow here just means that the name of the virtual environment is tensorflow, not that tensorflow has already been installed. It can be called any name),

2. After installation, activate the tensorflow environment,

activate tensorflow

The brackets in front of it represent that the current environment is tensorflow. Seeing this, you have already done the preparation work.

3. You can use the following command to view python version information,

4. Install tensorflow,

pip install tensorflow

But it is very likely that an error will be reported. After the error is reported, try this command a few more times,

5. If there is still no security success, enter the following command,

pip install tensorflow==1.1.0 -i https://pypi.douban.com/simple/

Wait for the installation to complete, where tensorflow==1.1.0 represents the installed tensorflow version.

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