Capacitor Nominal Capacitance

There are mainly the following methods for marking capacitors:

1. The direct marking method marks the capacitor capacity, deviation, rated voltage and other parameters directly on the capacitor body, as shown in Figure 1a), sometimes the unit is omitted due to the small area, but there is such a rule that the decimal point is in front of When it is 0, the unit is μF; when it is not 0 before the decimal point, the unit is pF.

2. The text symbol method is shown in Figure 1b), which is similar to the resistance text symbol method, but the unit is different. Example 102 = 10×102PF = 1000PF 224 = 22×104PF = 0.22 mF P82=0.82pF 6n8=6800pF 2P2 =2.2pF

3. Digital representation It is basically the same as the digital representation of resistance, as shown in Figure 1c).

4. Color scale method The capacitor color scale method is the same as the resistor color scale method, the basic unit is pF, and sometimes a color ring is added at the end to indicate the rated voltage of the capacitor, as shown in Figure 1d). There is also a color point representation method for capacitance capacity, which is similar to the color scale method. In addition to using the digital method and the text symbol method, the new patch also uses one color and one letter or one letter and one number to indicate its capacity.

Figure 1 Capacitor labeling method

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