Daily maintenance of PLC

(1) Ensure that the PLC operating environment temperature is 0-60°C.
(2) Keep the relative humidity of the environment between 5% and 95%.
(3) Regularly check the dust inside the PLC to ensure the smooth flow of the air duct and the insulation of the components.
(4) Check the abnormal noise in the PLC control cabinet in time to prevent small animals from gnawing on the line and excrement from polluting the equipment and causing damage to the equipment.
(5) Take effective waterproof measures to prevent water from leaking or splashing onto the PLC and its ancillary equipment, resulting in equipment damage
(6) For all kinds of sudden abnormal phenomena during the operation of the PLC, it should be reported in time , Notification scheduling, motorized workshop maintenance personnel, equipment department and workshop of the production department.

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