Output mode setting when PLC CPU STOP to RUN

When the CPU module of plc is in the STOP state, the output (Y) in the RUN state is memorized inside the CPU module, and all the output (Y) are turned OFF. The state setting of the output (Y) when returning to the RUN
state can be selected from the following.
·Output (Y) state before STOP output
·Clear output (Y)
(1) Action when STOP → RUN
In the following hold ladder diagram, the action is as follows.
(a) When the output (Y) state before STOP is output
Execute the operation of the program after outputting the output (Y) state before STOP state.
When the output (Y) is forced ON in STOP state, www.diangon.com will output the state before STOP. When the output (Y) before STOP is OFF, it does not maintain the ON state
(b) When the output (Y) is cleared, the
output turns OFF. The output of output (Y) is performed after executing the program operation.
When the output (Y) is forcibly turned ON in STOP state, it remains ON.
(2) Setting method
Set the output mode when STOP → RUN.
Project window [Parameter (parameter)] [PLC Parameter (programmable controller parameter)] [PLC System (programmable controller system setting)]

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