Mitsubishi PLC programming software GX-DEVELOP

I believe that many friends have encountered the problem of Mitsubishi plc programming software GX-DEVELOPER-C installation failure. Some friends cannot create a new project after successful installation, the software cannot be opened, and the plc programming software always displays “Project initialization failed” or After installation, there are problems such as shortcuts not being found. The following precautions for installing programming software are hoped to be helpful to everyone:
1: If you have installed Mitsubishi software before, you must first delete the old software and then register the old registration file
Delete method: ① Open Start→Run→Input REGEDIT, click OK, open the registry and manually search for the following key value HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MITSUBISHI
②, Change the name of MITSUBISHI at will, press F5 to refresh OK, and then reinstall the new software (of course, if you If you have installed other Mitsubishi software, don’t delete the others)
2: First run the SETUP program in the EnvMEL file;
3: Finally, run the SETUP1 (setup) in the folder;
4: Do not choose the option to install monitoring during the installation process (if you are not familiar with it, it is best to click the next step directly during the installation process, do not check other options);
5: The simulation can only be installed after the software is installed If you need simulation, please ask us for it;
6: Try to choose the default path for the programming software and simulation software during the installation process (that is, it is best to install it on the C drive);
7: Many people cannot see the software after installation Shortcuts, you can click:
Start>>>Programs>>>MELSOFT>>>GX DEVELOPER to find relevant shortcuts;
8: Install the available serial number 570-986818410

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