Analysis of Incomplete Upload of Mitsubishi PLC Program

After uploading the Mitsubishi plc program, a yellow background appears in the program, but the same program is written to another PLC but Not fully usable fault!

There are two programming methods, one is to use computer software, when a major error occurs when compiling the overall structure of the program , unable to compile and download!

The other is to use a hand-coded device. When there is an error in the overall structure of the program, it can also be written into the PLC of!

When computer software writes a program, there should be no more than 24 lines behind the touch point, otherwise it cannot be compiled and an error will be prompted

When writing a program by hand, it can exceed 24 lines without reporting an error

So if the program written by hand exceeds 24 lines, when it is read by computer software, the part exceeding 24 lines will be lost, and this section will be marked with a yellow background color, the scope of the program is too large!

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