Mitsubishi PLC program conversion method to Omron PLC program method

Method of converting Mitsubishi FX series PLC program to Omron CP1E series PLC program
1. Mitsubishi PLC processing steps
1. Open the original Mitsubishi PLC program
2. Switch to the list for the ladder diagram program
3. Display List all COPY (Ctrl+C)
2. Omron plc processing steps
1. Create a new Omron PLC program
Select the corresponding model CP1E, open the right-setting;
Choose the CPU type that is the number of points ; then OK – OK.
Copy the program to the Omron PLC program
first move the cursor to the program segment, then paste (Ctrl+V), the following window will pop up, select the PLC model to be converted
3, save the path
click Select, open the following window, select the save path, file name, click save; then go back to the previous menu and click “OK” to complete the conversion.
Note: Some instructions will be different after conversion, just modify them directly in the Omron PLC program.

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